Vintage Indian Silver/Gold

Vintage Indian Silver and Gold

Earth Door Sky Door is proud to offer a large selection of vintage silver from India that has been collected over more than twenty-five years. Most of this material consists of beads and “elements” from old necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. This beautiful tribal silver can be incorporated into new creations by both designers and hobbyists.

More significantly, we have a very large selection of vintage patri, Hindu sacred amulets. These amulets, representing a variety of deities, are especially treasured in Rajasthan and Gujarat, though also worn throughout India. They connect the individual, bound in this world, to the divine world to which he or she aspires. Many of our amulets are of considerable age, authentic artifacts. They are unique and special, whether worn as jewelry, or kept as valued objects.
In India, beads and amulets are also fashioned in high karat gold, and Earth Door Sky Door is privileged to have a collection of fine vintage gold.

All this material, in both silver and gold, represents a wonderful tradition in India, but one that is day by day disappearing as the modern world transforms older ways. As these pieces become rarer and rarer, Earth Door Sky Door is privileged to be able to both share these beautiful creations, and to honor this tradition.

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Rusty Glicksman 
Earth Door Sky Door

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At Earth Door Sky Door we offer a line of fine sterling silver jewelry set with semi-precious gemstones. We also have a selection of gold jewelry, and sterling silver and 18 karat gold combinations.

For those familiar with our production, we can arrange pick-boxes. For others who might happen upon this site, we can only urge you to try to come see us at any of the shows at which we are exhibiting (please refer to the exhibition schedule).

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